29 June 2009

Qoute on Monday ...

Eleanor Roosevelt
1884 - 1962

'It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself'

23 June 2009

Sneak peek ...

Today, I finally made some time to take some new shots of some vintage nik-naks for the webshop. They turned out like this:

Although, I am a complete nitwit when it comes to photography and lighting ... Truly I am!!! ... I am quite satisfied with some of the end results. Sometimes it is abslutely frustrating when I have the composition & lighting in mind and it just turnes out ... well ... like shit really. It truly makes me wanna give-up and take-up knitting.

Like my dear husband to be says: 'All you need to do is practice, my dear. Just practice'. Yeah well ... I know! Try telling that to my very impatience me ;-)

So let me give you a behind the scenes sneek peak at how I challenge my patience :

22 June 2009

Quote on Monday ...

Pic by Me

'It's never too late to become what you might have been'

- George Elliot -

17 June 2009

Bright lights ...

... Are these lanterns not just the cutest things!

These will definately brighten up any party. And the best thing is that you can write a personal message on the edges and send it as a wish card ... Who wouldn't want to receive a bright light in dark times?!

Designed by Jurianne Matter

15 June 2009

Quote on Monday ...

Mark Twain
1835 - 1910

'It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think your a fool than to open it and remove all doubt'

If there is one book that I read over and over again it is Mr. Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". He writes with such wit and satire that at times I can't help laughing out loud. Sometimes to great surprise to my fellow house mates (read: lovin' husband to be and our 3 cats) usually followed by utter annoyance from their side. Same thing happened when I read the above quote.

We were all sitting on our settee (the thing inspired me to name my blog the sobbing ... but more on that later) resp. silently reading, watching tv and sleeping. When I just burst out in laughter upon which my lovin' husband to be yelled out in pain ... It so happened my outburst woke up the cat who was sleeping on his legs and by hearing my spontaneous vocal spasm planted all nails in his skin and wouldn't let go.

Which ofcourse made me laugh even louder ...

11 June 2009

Feeling gloomy ...

It has been quite a depressing, dark & gloomy day today regarding the Dutch weather. Not much fun working in the garden now. So, enough time to do some of those odd house chores you have been ignoring I hear you say. Well, don't think so !!! Look what put a smile on my face while I was waisting my time surfing the net instead:

Digital illustrations at Art & Ghosts

I am such a huge fan of Lou's work. And yes, I just had to buy this one ;-)

Claw Magnifier at Mothology

Mistletoe lamp at Mothology

They sell sooooo many things I would love to own ... unfortunately, my wallet is still not bottomless

Magnolia Bugs by Kari Herer

Unknown ... sorry

How do people come up with these wonderfull ideas?!

8 June 2009

Quote on Monday ...

Pic: Paul Massey

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

- William Morris -

5 June 2009

I love ...

I happen to come across Anastasia’s 'I love' list and found it so wonderful to read and quite inspiring, I just had to create my own!

So my life’s simple pleasures ...

... Vintage paper bundles – Photoshop – Tea – Paper - Ribbons – Silence – Faded florals – Jane Austin –Doris Day – Garlic – Cook books - Figs – Linen – Birkenstock – Copenhagen - Postcards – England – Journals – Secrets – Storms – Edward Gorey - Tins – Peonies – Handmade – Body Balance – Words - Cooking – Laughter – Mascara – Vintage children’s books – Vintage wallpaper – Ghosts – Ideas - Handwritten letters – Cheese – Dragonflies - Flea markets – Softness - Vintage jewellery – Home – Camping - Impressionists - Antique lace - Mary Poppins aka Julie Andrews - Detectives– Line drawings – Rambling – Mum & Dad - Rain at night – Company – Fresh laundry - Mango – Photography - A*line skirts & Tank tops - Cats - Texture & detail – History - London – Tea cups & saucers – Faded watercolors – Freshly baked bread – Audrey Hepburn – Brocante - Custard – Inner beauty - Motown - Blogging – Laughing - Nigella Lawson – Cafes for Latte Macchiato & starring at people – Creativity - Car boot sales – Large tote bags – Botanical illustrations – Typography - Aged paper – Novastar - Antique Linen - Contrast - The stars on a clear night – Murder she wrote – Agatha Christie – Weekend getaway– Greeting cards – Fire places - Amusement parks and scary rides – My love - Day dreaming – Alan Rickman - Bookshops – Pale nail polish – Britain’s small country villages – Life –Victorian times – Pixies - Altered books – Bing Crosby – White antique buttons - Etsy – Ephemera – DIY – Boots – Mr. Darcy - Smell of old books – Almonds – Quotes – Lists – Magazines – The Woods – Travel – Notepads – Sleep – Nature – Antique photo’s – Pewter teapots – Anneke Bloemen books - Fabrics – Mixed Media – Gardening – BBC’s Costume drama’s – Castle’s & Mansions – The UK – Ceramics – William Morris – Early morning (coffee) – Sewing – Collecting – Inspirations – Used leather – Friends old & new …

Love to hear your loves & inspirations!!!