10 May 2010

A is for ...

... Apron.

I just love my apron.
This one I made myself using an 1940's nurses apron as an example.

A is also for ...


No need to explain why, do I ;-)

A is for ...


for not taking things for granted
for having two loving parents
for the air I breath
for friendship near and far
for waking up next to my love everyday day
for ...

6 November 2009

Vintage Black Friday ...

... Ooooh boy oooh boy ... Do you ever have the feeling that your life isn't your own to live? Ever since I started my new job it seems I have been working non-stop. Don't get me wrong ... I love my job but by the time I get back home I'm exhausted and ofcourse it is pitch dark outside which makes me just want to go to bed right away.

And another thing (still not complaining ofcourse) my social life is rapidly going down hill due to lack of time and most importantly my contribution to VBF has not been the same as well ...
Feeling very quilty ofcourse for not sharing any of my vintage black finds for almost 3 weeks now I decided to steal some inspirational pictures from one of my favourite decorators, the fabulous Debbie Dusenberry.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

24 October 2009

Vintage Black Friday ...

... and one day late!!! Very very sorry ... So what do I have to show you this time ...

My own lovely black baby shoes. I don't think I ever wore these much but I am happy my mom kept them.

One of my all time favourite flea market finds ... this beautiful copperplated print by Arthur Elsley. I'm not really sure this is showing his own family but a often painted these children and for a number of years. Great to see they grow and blossom into young adults.

And yet another great find ... meet Joan of Arc.

If you did not already do so please visit Gypsy Brocante for more beautiful vintage black contributions.

16 October 2009

It's here again ...

... Vintage Black Friday! Oh boy ... time does fly.
For this weeks contribution we have ...

A pretty little sandstone portrait of the virgin mary. I just love her tattered look.

Then my collection clothes brushes. I bought these all in one go
and up to now did not find any more. Maybe soon ... some day ...

And finally something very dear to me ... this very old and worn photo album.
All the photo's are still there ... even one original of Queen Victoria ... beat still my heart.

Please go visit Vintage Black Friday's host Jill at Gypsy Brocante for more black vintage beauty and a list of all participants.
Have a great weekend!

15 October 2009

Oooohh boy ...

... I got the job ... I GOT THE JOB!!!

In a record breaking 20 minutes full of fun and recognition the interview had finshed and I was the proud owner of a new job .... starting coming Monday. How crazy is that?!

Ps, pic: Sharon Montrose