11 May 2009

These are a few ...

... of my favourite things!

I just love going to fleamarkets specially the ones in the South of Belgium and France.
Getting up really early ... usually not a problem cause I do not sleep a wink when I know I am going to one. And when you're finally there and you pick-up a few things like on the pictures below ... you just can't get the smile of my face!

Old chocolate container

Wooden lamp after a very good clean!

Ladies clogs

All pics: Mooi van Toen

7 May 2009

Twittering ...

This dainty little blue bird was handcrafted by Cathy Nash of Tadpoles and Teacups and was her giveaway last month.

I was gobsmacked when I found out that I had won this cute little guy.

Upon his arrival he landed on my nightstand and has been twittering over there ever since. He puts a smile on my face everytime I wake up in the morning. Isn't that just the best start of any day!

Thanks a milllion Cathy!

Go check out her blog ... she makes the cutest papier mache/clay sculptures and her posts are a delight te read.