3 March 2009

My first rammblings ...

I would very much like to use this blog as a means of reflecting - to whom it may ever be reading - what gets me going, inspires me and what makes me cry, laugh and leaves me in awe.

So, what leaves me in awe - leaves me lost for words ... for one The Works of Tage Andersen.

Tage Andersen is a florist, sculptor, decorator and a genius most of all. When entering Tage's shop / gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark you believe to have fysically entered in a fairy tale story book. The color scheme, flower arrangements, sculptures and tropical birds in wire cages makes you leave this modern world and enter a mysterious dark baroque one. Even the appearance of the man himself - ever wearing his plus fours, woollen knee stockings, artistic beard and pony tale - is fairy tale like.

The artist himself writes: "For me, atmosphere is one of the most important things to achieve". He certainly succeeded to do so in my opinion.

Pics: http://www.tage-andersen.com

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