24 August 2009

Quote on Monday ...

Pic: Mary Ellen Mark

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art"

- Oscar Wilde -



Rita said...

Buongiorno to you too,
we had few days of hot and humid in California too and I come from Sicily where Summers are HOT AND SO HUMID. Thank you for stopping by mammabellarte, thank you for the words and good luck on the giveaway. Ciao

Brocante Prulletjes said...

Nou best een goede keuze lijkt mij ;-)
Dank voor je bezoek aan mijn blog! En dat ik nu even bij jou mag komen kijken vind ik helemaal leuk. Ik heb nog maar een bericht gelezen dus ik ga nog even verder snuffelen.
Groetjes, Elise

Rebecca said...

Found you over at "Anything Goes" estate sale...followed you because you were the only one that hated that estate sale, like I did! Love your post...

Anonymous said...