11 June 2009

Feeling gloomy ...

It has been quite a depressing, dark & gloomy day today regarding the Dutch weather. Not much fun working in the garden now. So, enough time to do some of those odd house chores you have been ignoring I hear you say. Well, don't think so !!! Look what put a smile on my face while I was waisting my time surfing the net instead:

Digital illustrations at Art & Ghosts

I am such a huge fan of Lou's work. And yes, I just had to buy this one ;-)

Claw Magnifier at Mothology

Mistletoe lamp at Mothology

They sell sooooo many things I would love to own ... unfortunately, my wallet is still not bottomless

Magnolia Bugs by Kari Herer

Unknown ... sorry

How do people come up with these wonderfull ideas?!


Bonnie said...

Prachtig, prachtig.....wat mooi.
Die magnolia-bugs en die blouse...oh....ik droom weg, how romantic.
Ik ga je zeker volgen hoor. Het duurt vast maar even voordat jij een garde aan fans/volgers hebt...het is hier genieten.
Fijne dag

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Hi there! Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog! Happy I´ve found your blog too. Love the fantastic pictures you show. I will add you to my bloglist, so I see you soon again!
Hugs, Carina

lia said...

Zoals Bonnie al zegt, het duurt niet lang voor je een garde aan fans hebt. Ik ben er ook een. Hele mooie inspirerende blog.
Tot ziens.

groetjes Lia