23 June 2009

Sneak peek ...

Today, I finally made some time to take some new shots of some vintage nik-naks for the webshop. They turned out like this:

Although, I am a complete nitwit when it comes to photography and lighting ... Truly I am!!! ... I am quite satisfied with some of the end results. Sometimes it is abslutely frustrating when I have the composition & lighting in mind and it just turnes out ... well ... like shit really. It truly makes me wanna give-up and take-up knitting.

Like my dear husband to be says: 'All you need to do is practice, my dear. Just practice'. Yeah well ... I know! Try telling that to my very impatience me ;-)

So let me give you a behind the scenes sneek peak at how I challenge my patience :


Bonnie said...

I think you did a good job.....the pictures are so fine and they have just the right atmosphere.
Nice day

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Hi there and thank you sooo much for your sweet comment! Such sweet comments warm my heart and makes me very happy.
You asked me abuot the light, and yes I only use natural light. I have never became friends with flashlight.
At this time of year it´s easy to get a nice natural ligtht in the pictures. Not so easy in fall and winter especially not here in Sweden.
I think you take lovely photos and I get very curious about the two "behind.." photos you show. It seems to me you have a nice camera and tripod. What is the equipment with the umbrella. Is it a flash and a light meter?
I don´t know much about the tecnical as you notice!

Warm hugs, and again a big thank´s for your sweet words!

lia said...

De foto's zien er goed uit. En die camera is ook aardig professional, als ik het zo zie.

groetjes Lia

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Looks pretty professional to me. Lighting umbrella and tripod. Wow. I just balance the camera on a paper towel roll.