15 October 2009

Oooohh boy ...

... I got the job ... I GOT THE JOB!!!

In a record breaking 20 minutes full of fun and recognition the interview had finshed and I was the proud owner of a new job .... starting coming Monday. How crazy is that?!

Ps, pic: Sharon Montrose


Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Congrats to you! You make such a cute jumping cat!!!

"Création" said...

Te GEK Miranda, van harte gefeliciteerd. Succes maandag!!!

groetjes Josephine

Bonjade said...

Dit vraagt om een grote taart....!
Van harte en veel succes.
Well done

English style said...

Wauw, dat heb je goed gedaan meid !
Van harte gefeliciteerd !!
en veel succes gewenst Maandag !!
Groetjes en een fijn weekend !

Yvonne said...

Hey Miranda,

Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!
Heel veel succes!

Liefs Yvonne (Italian)

Secret Leaves said...

Yay! How is the job going? I see that you have been there awhile by now. I just got a job too! I will be working in the Public Affairs office at Washington University in St. Louis. With the nicest people--all writers, musicians, woodworkers, photographers, etc., in their spare time--kindred spirits. (A late) congratulations to you!