7 October 2009

The real thing ...

... Once in a while I get the urge to clean every single drawer and cabinet in the house. It happened again yesterday. Everything went fine until I stumbled upon my magazine collection. I do love my magazines but really ... do you need to keep them for years and years!

Nope! So I made up a new rule. I will save any magazine for no longer then 3 months. When the 3 months have past I scan the contents and tear out the articles I want to save and through away what's left of the beautiful thick glossy paper.

So yesterday when I sat on the living room floor surrounded by tons of paper my eye spotted an article in which the writer wondered what ever happened to the charm of receiving handwritten postcards. Now I love the internet (way too much according to my dear husband to be) and I truly love receiving your comments and e-mails but ... I do really miss the excitement of running to the mailbox hoping to find a letter or postcard inside.

Now it so happened that the article mentioned a website where you can register, receive random addresses of people you do not know from all over the world to whom you can send a postcard to and better yet ... receive one (or two, or three or ...) as well. HHHhhmmm ... would that be something for me? There was only one way to find out. So I did register, requested some addresses (no more than 5 at one time ?!) and today send a postcard to India, France, Finland and the US.

Now the waiting begins ...


Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Hi there darling!
So good to hear from you again! :)
I must say I admire you´re decition to keep any magazine no longer than three months! I could never do such a thing.
Well I do tear out some articles and through the rest of the magazine in recycling can, but I´m far to attached to many of the magazines and I could never dream of throwing them away.

Warm hugs, Carina

Gypsy Fish said...

I am now following your beautiful blog...just found you thru my friend Jill at gypsy brocante...beautiful beutiful blog!