24 October 2009

Vintage Black Friday ...

... and one day late!!! Very very sorry ... So what do I have to show you this time ...

My own lovely black baby shoes. I don't think I ever wore these much but I am happy my mom kept them.

One of my all time favourite flea market finds ... this beautiful copperplated print by Arthur Elsley. I'm not really sure this is showing his own family but a often painted these children and for a number of years. Great to see they grow and blossom into young adults.

And yet another great find ... meet Joan of Arc.

If you did not already do so please visit Gypsy Brocante for more beautiful vintage black contributions.


Laura said...

Better late than never and I adore your baby shoes....so sweet! Your other photos are wonderful too...love the beautiful print and Joan is pretty cool too! Have a great weekend...
Take care, Laura

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Your Joan of Arc is incredible. what an amazing find! Take care Julie

Gypsy Fish said...

oooooooo...it was so worth the wait! Love those shoes!
{{gyspy hugs}}

English style said...

ahhh wat een lieve schoentjes !en wat leuk dat die nog van jou zelf zijn geweest !
ik verzamel victoriaanse knoopschoentjes, en in bijna elk hoekje staat wel een paar haha
je prent vind ik ook erg mooi !!
Groetjes Yvonne

Suzy said...

Amazing- Love your Joan of Arc! Incredible finds! Happy VBF!

Emma said...

what a sweet little blog...and you live in my favorite place in the world...slightly biased as my man is Dutch!!
Your Joan of Arc is stunning, never seen one like her before, you are a lucky lady.
Its been lovely to look into your world, i will be back! ~ Thank you, Emma xxx

Debra @ Common Ground said...

The print is wonderful, love his work. and those baby shoes, so sweet of your mom to keep them for you. Have a great weekend!

Claudia said...

The baby shoes are so cute. I love that print - so beautiful. And Joan of Arc - oh my gosh, she is stunning.
Happy VBF!

Gypsy Brocante said...

Happy VBF! ... sorry I missed your post last week ... but you won a prize, did you know? ... go check out my blog, your name it lights, ha-ha!

Love these finds from last week ... the baby shoes, how sweet are they ... perfect!


Rebecca said...

Love all your wonderful finds!
Happy Halloween